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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

We sell a variety of trampoline shapes such as round, oval, rectangle and square that range in size from 6ft upto 15ft. Please either use the spyglass to search or use the dropdown menu to search by category or browse our All Trampolines Category.

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We do not have any retail stores or showrooms where customers can view our products nor are customers able to collect in person either.

We usually try to despatch within one working day Monday to Friday and delivery is usually within 2-3 working days. We do not have any control over the delivery time as we use 3rd party carrier companies. Most of the carrier companies we use do not deliver on weekends so for this reason we do not despatch on weekends either. Any orders placed on Friday afternoon onwards until Sunday will be despatched on Monday. The estimated shipping date that is calculated on each product page does not take into account our inability to deliver on weekends so the delivery calculator sometimes shows the estimated date for delivery being on either a Saturday or Sunday which isn’t possible.

We offer various spare parts for Telstar and Salta trampolines. Make sure that the 'item number' and 'part number' match with your trampoline. The 'item number' can be found in the invoice, packaging or manual and the 'part number' can be found in the manual. You can download the manual from each product page. Always replace defective parts with original manufacturer parts. For a better selection of spare parts then please visit:

No, we do not recommend digging a trampoline on legs, because these trampolines are not suitable for this. The air that is created during jumping cannot escape sufficiently, which makes jumping difficult and makes noise because the air cannot escape. In the Salta collection they have specially developed inground trampolines with built-in air circulation systems, which ensure an optimal jumping experience and soundless jumping. The warranty also lapses when a trampoline on legs is placed in the ground.

We specialise in selling Telstar, Vuly, Salta and TP trampolines all nationally and internationally recognised trampoline brands.

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Depending of which carrier we use then the likelihood is that you will receive tracking information but not all of our carriers are able to provide tracking information but you will always receive a delivery date.

At present we are unable to offer home trampoline installation. All of our trampolines are easy to assemble so long as you follow the instructions given in the manual in the correct order. It usually helps to assemble larger trampolines together with another person to help stabilise the frame but most smaller trampolines can be assembled by just one person. It does help to have better tools that the complimentary tools provided with the trampoline kits in order to help speed up the process.

We are able to offer Klarna Buy Now Pay Later interest free Finance on all our products. Please choose Klarna as your payment method at checkout and follow the instructions given by Klarna. One third of the total payment will be taken out Checkout, the second third after one month and the final third after two months. We also offer payment by Paypal who you may be able to take out your own interest free purchase agreement with Paypal. We also accept payment by Google and Amazon Pay. Please see our Klarna finance page for more information.

Levity Trampolines Klarna Finance.

If we have an in-stock date then we can offer the option to pre-order.

Above the trampoline, it must be completely free of obstacles. Furthermore, the trampoline should be placed at least 2 meters away from obstacles. Make sure that there are no dangerous objects around the trampoline such as branches, power cables, walls, fences or other recreational objects such as swimming pools, swings, playground equipment etc.

To prevent the growth of weeds in trampolines at ground level, it is wise to cover the hole with a weed membrane. A membrane prevents (UV) light and root growth, but can let water through. This way you will not be bothered during jumping by weeds that grow under the jumping mat. If the groundwater is always high, you need a drainage system of pipes or possibly a pump.

Sometimes a certain number of boxes will arrive one day with the rest to follow. Please bear with us and the carrier who are working as hard as possible to get your shipment to you. Please take a note of the box numbers and if you are still missing a box then please get in touch and we can look into the matter further. Should part of your order get damaged or lost in transit then we will send you a replacement.

All the trampolines that we sell are outdoor trampolines thus designed to withstand the tough weather conditions that the winter brings. We advise a tie down kit also known as an anchor kit to secure your trampoline down and prevent it from blowing away in high winds. Secondly we would advise an all weather cover which first requires you to drop the safety netting so that the safety net, jumping mat and safety pad can all be covered by the all weather cover preventing excess rain and wind from damaging your trampoline. Please see our accessories categories for more information.

Trampoline Covers

Most of the trampolines we sell would fit in the back of most cars with the back seats down. At the smaller end the 8ft trampolines come in just two boxes whereas the 15ft trampoline comes in 6 boxes with the longest box measuring 1.8m long and would likely require two to three trips due to the size and number of boxes.

We are unable to guarantee next day delivery but depending on the number of orders we have to P process then there is a chance your trampoline will be delivered the following day. However, we are unable to offer an expedited delivery service such as next day delivery as an option due to significant costs of shipping heavy and bulky multiple item orders such as trampolines and also the number of factors outside of our control.

We do not advise siting a trampoline on uneven ground due to the stability of the trampoline will be comprised increasing the chance of the trampoline toppling over. If your garden is sloped then it would be best to level the area under where the trampoline feet are stand so that are all the trampoline feet are level.

All our trampolines are suitable for people with learning disabilities as they come with a safety net and safety pad to ensure that you are protected whilst jumping on the trampoline. For those with mobility impairments then it is worth consider either a ground or in-ground trampoline. The slight difference between the two is that ground trampoline has the frame elevated on the ground by around 20cm allowing you to step on and off easily without the need for a ladder whereas an in-ground trampoline has the frame flush to the ground. Both ground and in-ground trampolines require a hole to be dug into the ground before hand to allow the jumping mat space to extend down when being jumped on.

It is very important how the trampoline springs are attached to the frame and the jumping mat. It order to equally tension all the trampoline springs evenly then only one spring at a time should be pulled tight and attached to the frame. The next spring should always be the one exactly opposite so that the two springs opposite are equally tensioning each other. Continue going round the trampoline and continue working in this opposite manner.

Please visit our Trust Pilot account to read some reviews and quotes from our customers.

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We do not advise erecting trampolines on hard standing such as concrete or paving etc as the hard surface will present more of a risk should any one fall whilst attempting to get on or off a trampoline. Also the hard standing will not absorb any of the impact whilst jumping on the trampoline such as does grass. If you have no grass available then we would recommend the use of wood chip.

Currently we offer free deliver to the United Kingdom and then for a surcharge we can deliver to Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Islands of Scotland, Guernsey and Jersey.

New trampoline jumping mats are very tight, which means that the water cannot drain properly. When the trampoline will be used, the weaves will become smoother and the water will seep out faster.

It is wise to clean your trampoline from time to time. Wipe off the dirt with a dustpan and brush and clean your trampoline with a cloth and cold water. You don’t have to use cleaning products. If you don’t use the trampoline for a longer time, you can cover the trampoline with our Salta weather cover, which protect your trampoline against dirt and discolouration.

Our trampolines can easily remain outside during autumn and winter. We do advise you to cover your trampoline with an all weather cover. It is also wise to anchor the trampoline with an anchor set/tie down kit, which ensures that the trampoline stays in place and does not blow over during a storm. In a very heavy storm it is wise to disassemble the safety net and provide the trampoline with extra ballast on top of the feet. Please see our selection of anchor kits.

Anchor Kits / Tie Down Kits.

To guarantee the safety of your trampoline, it is wise to regularly check your trampoline for any defective or loose parts. See below where you should pay attention to during this check:The condition of the frame connections; are all tubes still well connected? The condition of the springs; is there still enough tension on the springs and are they still intact? The tension of the jumping mat; is the mat still resilient and undamaged? The condition of the safety pad; is the pad still positioned correctly and are the springs completely covered by the pad? The condition of the safety net; is the safety net still properly attached to the trampoline and is the net still undamaged? The overall stability of the trampoline; is the trampoline still sturdy, stable and level? Should a part be replaced? Replace it in time! Spare parts are available from us or direct from Salta, Telstar, Vuly or TP Trampolines.

Yes, this kink ensures that the frame construction is extra sturdy and the jumping mat is tightly tensioned. The kinking frame parts must be mounted on the long side of the trampoline, with the kink pointing outwards.

The safety pads of our trampolines have small drainage holes which ensure that the water can be gradually drained after the rain and doesn’t remain in the safety pads. So it’s indeed possible that a little bit water flows out of the pad towards the jumping mat after a period of rain. After a while of jumping the water will disappear through the ventilation.