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What’s the difference between the Telstar Orbit and Vortex trampoline ranges?

At first glance the Telstar Orbit and Vortex range look very similar. They both come in either round and oval shapes and also have the same size options which include 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft as round trampolines and 7x10ft, 9x13ft and 10x15ft as oval trampolines.

The first difference is that the Orbit round has the safety netting on the inside of the safety padding where the jumping mat finishes which is where most trampolines position the safety netting. The Vortex round on the other hand has the safety netting on the outside of the jumping mat affording a greater a feeling of space whilst jumping on the trampoline. The Vortex ‘lantern’ style safety enclosure which has been designed for maximum space whilst also equally offering safety and protection. The Vortex enclosure has the latest fibre rod technology making it durable and stable as it creates a secure frame around the top of the net. The Vortex also has black powdered coated legs to promote longevity whilst adding to its sleek and minimalist style.

The second main difference is the length of the trampoline springs. The Orbit Oval 7x10ft trampoline has 5 inch springs compared the Vortex Oval 7x10ft trampoline which has 7 inch springs. When comparing the two oval trampoline ranges in the 10x15ft size the length of the springs on the Orbit are 7 inch compared to 8 inch for the Vortex. The longer the spring then the bigger the bounce. For toddlers and infants then we would recommend the smaller trampoline springs which are more suitable whereas for the young teenager or trampoline enthusiastic then a bigger spring is preferable.

The next point to consider is the maximum user weight and in actual fact both the round and oval counterparts have the same maximum weight set for the corresponding size. The only minor difference is that the Vortex’s steel frame is made from slightly thicker tubing measuring in at 2mm on the 10x15ft Vortex rather 1.5mmm for the 10x15ft Orbit which is one of the reasons why the Vortex comes with a 10-year frame guarantee above 5 a year frame guarantee for the Orbit.

Another feature to consider is the frame height of the trampoline. The 10x15ft Orbit has a frame height of 70cm whereas the 10x15ft Vortex has a frame height of 90cm. Again this is where the Orbit’s strength is its appeal for smaller children who will find it much easier getting on and off a trampoline with a lower frame height.

Both trampolines come with either a 6ft / 180cm or 6ft 4” / 190cm safety net from ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those who use the trampoline.  An exclusive design feature of Telstar trampolines is that the safety net enclosure on all their trampolines are supplied attached to the jumping mat to completely eliminate any possible user contact with the steel framework and trampoline springs. This is not only a great safety feature it also means building the trampoline is quicker and easier.  Another great feature of all Telstar trampolines is the upright poles which supports the safety net are curved away from the netting ensuring that there is a healthy gap between the netting and the poles to minimise any contact with the poles whilst jumping.

 Telstar trampolines were one of the first trampoline manufacturers in the UK to comply with the latest EN-71 test which are now a legal requirement. For your piece of mind, Telstar Trampolines are stringent regarding quality control and safety making them a popular choice for the UK market. 

 No Telstar trampoline would be complete without the Telstar complete accessory pack which includes a ladder, tie down kit and all weather cover. Don’t forget to choose your size.

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