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What are the benefits of the Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline?

Vuly has taken great leaps and bounds into the future of trampoline design with their new Vuly Thunder Pro trampoline. The previous generation to the Thunder Pro - then called Thunder Summer received an international Good Design® Award in 2014. The Thunder Pro is an evolution of Vuly's no-spring and no-contact trampoline philosophy. 

The Thunder Pro is only available as a round trampoline but there are three different sizes to choose from: 10ft Medium; 12ft Large and 14ft Extra Large. Some of the key features include an overall Height of 3m; Net Pole Diameter of 3.67m; Full-sized Leaf Springs creating an even bouncier jumping experience; Soft terylene Netting; Stronger Rectangular Tubing; Twice Galvanised Frame; Matt Black Powder-Coated; Soft Edges; No Contact Zones; 150 kg weight capacity and a Safety Skirt Included. Let’s look at some of these benefits in further details.

Revolutionary leaf springs have replaced the traditional coiled trampoline springs. They create a unique and safe rebound system that have been tested to withstand 20,000 bounces. Enjoy edge to edge bouncing as there is no need for a safety pad to cover the springs as on conventional trampolines thus providing you with the maximum amount of jumping space inside. The trampoline supports a 150kg weight rating that has been independently tested and verified. It’s also worth noting that some professional trampolinists use the Thunder Pro to practice.

There are actually two frames inter-connected, making it a very sturdy trampoline without any kind of motion or movement when it is in use.  The frame is made from galvanized steel with second layer of powder coated rust resistant paint.  The Vuly Thunder Pro frame is probably one of the strongest frames you can find on any trampoline. 

Take advantage of the flexible full length door that provides easy access through a selfless closing zipperless door. Marvel at the no contact net poles are curved in a hourglass design to ensure that they are positioned well away from the net meaning no hard landings and for equal peace of mind the skirt has been seamlessly designed to be placed over the leaf springs to prevent any underside access ensuring little bodies from getting injured.

 Experience the world’s tallest safety net that will allow you to bounce higher and higher. Grasp a feel for the soft terylene netting on the Vuly Thunder Pro which is gentler on skin whereas the unique feature of the Polyethylene netting on the Vuly Thunder is that it provides greater UV-resistance. The jumping mat and safety net are all one piece reducing the installation time whilst providing reassurance and peace of mind that your little ones will be unable to come into contact with the frame, poles or leaf springs whilst jumping. 

Don’t forget that a world-class warranty is offer as standard – The frame is guaranteed for 10 years, the jumping mat (excluding the print images) is 5 years and the safety net, poles, skirt and leaf springs for 1 year. Vuly accessories also come with an excellent warranty. The Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline Tent and Shade Cover  comes with a 2 year warranty and the Vuly Basketball Hoop is good for 1 year.

A Vuly trampoline that uses Leaf Springs, like the Thunder Pro, takes very little extra time to assemble compared to a traditional coil spring trampoline. While most adults can set up a Vuly trampoline by themselves, it can help when attaching Leaf Springs into place to ask another person to pull the Jumping Mat while you push the Leaf Springs onto the Mat hooks. Attaching Leaf Springs by frame section, so that both halves of the trampoline always have the same number of Leaf Springs attached also makes the those last few Leaf Springs much easier to attach.

Forget the tiny screws and random parts that require a degree to work out! All Vuly trampolines also assemble using push-buttons, and use only a handful of distinct parts. Vuly instructions group all 10 of the Thunder Pro’s different components into easy-to-follow steps, which makes clicking them together more logical and reducing the setup time.

Finally, trampoline games for life also known as the printed HexVex Mat allow for more fun through the images that are exclusive to Vuly providing limitless play opportunities. Please bear in mind that the paint on your HexVex Game Mat may wear off over time. Simply wipe fading paint with a cloth and water to prevent transfer onto skin. Pressure on the jumping mat causes the paint to stretch and crack. The 'wearing off' effect occurs in some trampolines sooner than others, depending on the conditions in which the paint was applied and other factors such as usage levels and weather conditions.

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