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Trampolining for Toddler Health

With Lockdown 2 underway and the furlough scheme extended until March 2021 then there has never been a better time to invest in a trampoline particularly for children to benefit from having some fun whilst unknowingly getting some valuable exercise. Just the mention of exercise will have many children rolling their eyes or running into their rooms to hide. That's because many children think exercise is boring and repetitive. But just how we as parents hide vegetables in dishes to enhance our child’s nutrition, so it's best to select activities that boost physical fitness without children even knowing they are working out. The bottom line is that when it’s fun, exercise comes naturally!

Here are 10 fantastic benefits your children will enjoy when they jump on a trampoline – smiles and giggles not included!

1. Boosts cardio because jumping quickly gets little hearts pumping, making it a wonderful way to boost cardiovascular activity.

2. Increases muscle strength by jumping on a trampoline working everything from their tiny toes to their stomach muscles.

3. Trampoline jumping burns calories quickly and helps maintain a healthy weight, making it one of the best forms of exercise for children.

4. Burns energy so your children won't be bouncing off the walls and driving you crazy when they are bouncing on a trampoline at least therefore helping children to focus and sleep better.

5. Fine-tunes motor skills as the brain works with the body while jumping so children can practice coordination and control.

6. Improves balance and coordination because jumping is great balance practice. This can benefit balance skills off the trampoline as well.

7. Increases flexibility because muscles and joints are moving fast while jumping on a trampoline, so your son or daughter's flexibility will improve.

8. Encourages bone health as your child's bones are forming due to jumping being a great way to strengthen bone density which can help to prevent future fractures.

9. Teaches perseverance to children who must try multiple times to learn new trampoline skills, and this can help instil the importance of perseverance.

10: Boosts self-esteem as a child learns body control and masters new trampoline skills, she gains self-confidence about what she can do and achieve today and in the future.

That's just some of the reasons why trampolines are such a wonderful option and one of the best forms of exercise for children. With numerous health benefits it's a smart investment of time for children of all ages. Children as young as two years old can enjoy trampoline fun ensuring a healthy child. My toddler loves the Salta Junior trampoline – a versatile 5ft trampoline that is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors as it can be moved easily making it the perfect trampoline for toddlers to use during the winter.