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TP Toys Infinity Octagonal Trampoline Review


In this blog post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown review of the TP Toys Infinity Octagonal Trampoline, including: an explanation of why we feel it’s one of the best TP trampolines there is; some key pointers to remember when assembling your TP trampoline; and some recommendations for other types of TP trampolines in case the TP Infinity Octagonal trampoline isn’t quite what you are looking for, but first let’s take a closer look at a TP Toys Trampoline Classic that has been reinvented many times over. The TP Infinity Octagonal Trampoline is packed with great patent protected design features and the unique octagonal shape and the premium springs deliver an exceptional vertical bounce across the entire jump surface.

What are some of the benefits of the TP Toys Infinity Octagonal Trampoline?

A TP Classic, reinvented from its predecessor the TP Genius Octagonal trampoline that was tested for over a million bounces on a high quality strong and durable steel frame! The TP Infinity Octagonal Trampoline is packed with numerous patent protected design features. The unique octagonal shape, sturdy frame and the premium rebound springs deliver an exceptional vertical bounce across the entire jump mat surface. The Octagonal frame delivers a more predictable vertical bounce than a standard circular frame assisted by the extra heavy duty galvanised and powder coated steel frame with top quality springs.

The rapid rebound springs deliver a superior bounce and allow jumpers to leap higher than on a standard trampoline. The 12ft Infinity Octagonal Trampoline does have a high single user weight allowance of 120kg, but for safety reasons please only allow one user at a time.

The trampoline also features the Intelligent Feet System that provides maximum stability on uneven ground. The added Interlox Protection System eliminates the risk of the jumpers feet coming into contact with the springs and keeps them within the safety confines of the enclosure. The TP Octagonal trampoline can also boast of a super strong nylon enclosure mesh that has excellent visibility and UV resistance and it is also less prone to creasing. The top specification Safeguard pads are thickly padded and covered in tough, durable PVC for extra safety. The premium frame pads are some of the thickest and softest on the market. Tough and durable, they’re designed to withstand years of exposure so will be ready if ever needed.

Exclusive to the Infinity Trampoline range is the ingenious YOYO Enclosure System, meaning the enclosure can be taken down by one person in less than a minute! The 'lift' and 'lower' system allows parents to quickly lower the enclosure, extending its life by allowing it to be taken down when not in use particularly during the winter months helping to minimise any potential damage due to adverse weather.

Specifications in more detail

Size - 10ft

Product code - 405P

Footprint - 10ft x 10ft / 342 x 342cm

Frame height - 3.1ft / 96cm

Assembled product height - 9.5ft /  290cm

Maximum user weight - Maximum single user weight - 16.5stone / 105kg.


Size - 12ft

Product code - 406P

Footprint - 12ft x 12ft / 402 x 402cm

Frame height - 3.1ft / 96cm

Assembled product height - 9.5ft / 290cm

Maximum user weight - Maximum single user weight - 19st / 120kg.



Frame 10 years against rust causing failure. All other parts 1 year.


The average time for 2 adults is an estimated build time of 3 hours.

It does take a while to put up if you attempt it on your own and it’s easy to make mistakes along the way but they can be easily corrected with a little patience and some careful reading of the instruction manual.

(1) Make sure all of the poles that make up the frame are the right way up.

(2) Make sure you get the netting the right way round

(3) Make sure you start attaching the netting to the mat in the right place by starting at one side of the entrance.

(4) It can be done with one person, but ideally have 2 people to help get the bottom part of the frame set up.


Overall the TP Infinity Octagonal trampoline is an innovative trampoline with superior bounce performance that comes with outstanding safety features as standard. 

The TP Octagonal Trampoline is available in either 10ft for £699  & 12ft for £799.

Accessories not included – the complete TP Infinity Octagonal Accessory Kit is sold separately from £99 and includes a trampoline ladder, tie down anchor kit and an all weather cover. 

Some of TP’s significant trampoline achievements

TP were the first trampoline manufacturer in the world to create a two level trampoline. The TP Infinity Leap trampoline was driven by a pursuit of excellence in terms of design, materials and build quality to deliver a trampoline experience that is second to none. Exceptional bounce performance that results from a unique dual suspension solution; coiled metal springs on the horizontal plane working in unison with a bungee spring system to ensure exceptional lift off from the bed for the jumper.

The new TP Hip Hop® Trampoline is the first padded trampoline to feature the exclusive TP IGLOO® door, the fun, crawl through tunnel that is super safe and extra fun for kids.

The TP Genius II trampoline is a classic round trampoline featuring a brand new zip free IGLOO door entry - the bouncer enters the trampoline through an igloo-like tunnel which adds to the fun. This Genius SurroundSafe™ trampoline from TP has a unique patented system which is designed to completely enclose the springs inside the trampoline, making them inaccessible and therefore protecting the user from spring related injuries. For added safety, the top rail of the trampoline has padding too. This avoids injury caused by side impact with the trampoline. Tested to exceed 1 million bounces to guarantee years of play, the trampoline is available in 3 different sizes.

The TP Hip Hop 6ft Junior Trampoline is an ideal starter trampoline for younger children with a Low height frame for little jumpers. Features the TP IGLOO® door, the fun, crawl through tunnel that is super safe and extra fun for kids and comes with safety padding and  the TP famous patented IGLOO® door entry which offers zip free, fun, crawl through tunnel.

The History of TP Toys

TP has been designing and manufacturing children’s play equipment for over 60 years. Committed to providing high quality activity toys that keep children happy and healthy, TP’s climbing frames, playhouses, swing sets and trampolines all built to last. So you will find TP products come with comprehensive guarantees.