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Telstar Elite Trampoline Range Review


Today we will be reviewing in more detail the Telstar Elite trampoline range as many people are drawn towards the Telstar Elite but are unsure sometimes what shape or size would be best for their requirements. There are a choice of two shapes in either rectangle or square with a combined choice of five different sizes between the two shapes.



There is no doubt that Telstar have designed a trampoline that is elegant and stylish when it comes to the Elite trampoline range that would look great in any garden. The black frame and netting is framed by a dash of yellow which marks out the edge of the jumping mat and also the door frame which is dual purpose by providing style and an immediate safety visual marker to signal to the user where the edge of the jumping mat is. Safety note - to minimise the chance of chance of injuries whilst jumping on a trampoline it is best to jump in the centre of the trampoline with only one person at a time to prevent any collisions. The curved net poles again are multi-functional by firstly providing a sleek and modern trampoline design but also ensuring that there is a good distance between the net and the poles should anyway fall into the net. The additional horizontal bands of webbing that go around the net in addition to the top ring provide style, stability and safety both when on and off the trampoline.

Size Options

In the Telstar Elite rectangle trampoline range there are three sizes available ranging from  7.5ftx10ft, 8ftx12ft to 10ftx15ft and in the Telstar Elite square trampoline range there are two sizes available either 12ftx12ft or 15ftx15ft. Each trampoline in the Telstar Elite range comes with the additional all weather cover, ladder and delivery to mainland UK as standard making for an excellent value package. There is the option to purchase the tie down kit separately to provide reassurance that your trampoline will not topple over during excessive use nor be blown away during high winds.

Frame and Springs

All five trampolines in the Telstar Elite range have the same frame height of 90cm off the ground, however, where they begin to differ is in the size of the steel tubing that is used to support the trampoline and the number and length of trampoline springs. Firstly, the galvanised steel tubing starts at 45mm in diameter x 1.5mm thick in the 7.5ftx10ft and immediately goes up to 60mm in diameter x 2.5mm thick for the 8ftx12ft, 10ftx15ft, 12x12ft and 15ftx15ft Elite trampolines. The 60mm x 2.5mm tubing has to be felt to be believed. It is not until you have assembled and bounced on a Telstar Elite trampoline that you really appreciate the quality of materials in particular the metal frame which comes with a 10 year frame guarantee as standard.

Rectangular trampolines are generally known for a smoother, staggered bounce and the Telstar Elite rectangle trampoline is no exception whereas one of the main benefits of square trampolines are that they provide more internal space affording more opportunities for greater enjoyment. The explosive bounce of the Telstar Elite trampolines are in large part down to the phenomenally long 8.5 inch springs, the bounce is very responsive, explosive and among the highest we’ve seen. The springs come galvanized as standard to provide you with the longest amount of use.

The number and length of springs starts with 58 x 7 inch for the Elite 7.5ftx10ft trampoline and again immediately increases to 8.5inch in length for the larger four trampoline sizes. The difference being the number of springs used with 64 springs for the 8ftx12ft, 84 springs for the 10ftx12ft, 80 springs for the 12ftx12ft and 104 springs in use for the 15ftx15ft. It’s safe to say that the more springs there are and the longer in length they are then the bigger and better the bounce.

Jumping Mat and Safety Netting 

The Telstar Elite Jumping Mat and Safety Net is a Totally Enclosed 'No Escape' System which means that it is all one piece which firstly prevents anyone from being able to get in or out of the trampoline other than through the door and secondly speeds up the installation of trampoline in the first instance. Should you wish to drop down the safety netting from the trampoline poles during the winter and cover the trampoline with the all-weather cover then again this is made easier with the all-in-one safety net and jumping mat with the added benefits that you will prevent your trampoline from blowing away whilst at the same time keeping it much cleaner and in better condition.

The jumping mat is made from heavy duty polypropylene permatron which produces a sturdy jumping experience that is resistance to wear and tear, however, we would still advise to not wear any shoes whilst jumping. The only disadvantage is that the mat is so tightly woven to begin with that any rainwater will not be able to percolate through until the jumping mat has been initially stretched by jumping on it. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Should you end up in a situation where you have installed your new trampoline and it has rained prior to you having the chance the break the jumping mat in then simply dry off the jumping mat as best you can with some towels and try to get some good use out of your trampoline before it rains again. Please do not attempt to jump on the trampoline with any surface standing water as the jumping mat does become slippery when wet.

Springs Cover and Maximum User Weight

There is a 25mm thick PVC Cover over the springs for all the Elite trampolines to ensure that they are well covered to slow down the springs from rusting and protecting anyone from coming in contact with the springs whilst the trampoline is in use.

Finally, all the Telstar Elite trampolines which include the 8ftx12ft, 10ftx15ft, 12ftx12ft and 15ftx15ft can withstand a maximum user weight of 330lbs / 23 stone / 150kg except for the 7.5ftx10ft which has a maximum user weight of 220lbs / 15.7 stone / 100kg.


The Telstar Elite trampoline range is second to none and you can rest assured that Telstar have evolved and improved its design over the many years that they have been in operation. If you are looking for a trampoline suitable for young children and / or limited by space then the Telstar Elite 7.5ftx10ft or 8ftx12ft rectangle trampolines would be seriously worth considering. If you are not as limited by space and budget and have older children or intend the use to be primarily for adults then the 10ftx15ft Elite rectangle trampoline or either of the 12ftx12ft and 15ftx15ft Telstar Elite square trampolines would certainly not disappoint. They all come with an excellent instruction manual to ensure that home installation is as straightforward as possible with delivery in 2-3 days normally except for at busier times when carriers may be facing greater pressure.