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5 Myths About Trampolines

For children, trampolines are a source of endless fun. However, parents are apprehensive about them due to potential safety hazards. Some of this apprehension results from the inaccurate information they regularly hear about trampolines.

Here we debunk the five most common myths about trampolines so you are not held back by unfounded fears the next time you want to buy one. 

Trampolines are dangerous

Yes, accidents do occur when kids play on the trampoline, but that goes with every other outdoor activity. With modern innovative designs, trampolines have become much safer. The enclosure nets, safety padding, and mats to cover the springs ensure that you or your kids do not get hurt even if you fall.

Trampolines are just for kids

Kids love trampolines, but they are just as fun for adults too. Trampolines can also be beneficial for your health. A study shows that jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes equates to 30 minutes of running.

Trampolines are only for summer

Most people believe that you can enjoy trampolines only during the summer, which means you need to pack them away during winter. Most trampolines are strong enough to survive the harshest winter. 

All trampolines are the same

People think all trampolines are the same. But in reality, you can find a wide variety when depending on their size, shape, and type. Make sure that you consider all the features to find the best one that suits your requirement.

Trampolines can never be used safely

This claim is not valid. Like every other sporting equipment piece, you should observe appropriate precautions and follow safe practices to avoid accidents. For example, maintain enough space around the trampoline and make sure that kids only play under adult supervision. 

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