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5 Little-Known Facts About Trampolines

If you have ever jumped on a trampoline, you know how much fun they can be. Trampolines are arguably among the best recreational devices ever made. They are fun for kids and adults alike. They are also an excellent means of cardiovascular exercise. 

There’s more to a trampoline than meets our eyes. For example, trampolining has been an official Olympic sport since 2000. For more such interesting facts about trampolines, read on.

They have been around since 1934

Gymnasts George Nissen and Larry Griswold invented the trampoline in 1934. They took inspiration from trapeze artists’ nets and made the first trampoline using inner tyre tubes and scrap steel. At first, Nissen named it ‘el trampolin,’ which roughly translates to diving boards in Spanish. Later on, it came to be known as a trampoline.

The world record for uninterrupted trampoline-bouncing is 53 days

A six-person team from Cleveland State University’s Delta Epsilon fraternity set the record for the longest continuous trampoline-bouncing in 1986: 53 days. What’s even more impressive is that they beat a team from Phoenix, Arizona, who set a 52-day record for continuous indoor trampoline-bouncing. 

Trampolines are good for your eyes and bones

It’s not just your heart and muscles that benefit from working out on a trampoline. It can strengthen your eye muscles and ocular nerves to restore eye lens’ shape and function. It can also boost your bone density to prevent osteoporosis.

World’s largest trampoline is in North Wales

The world’s largest trampoline is in the old Blaenau Ffestiniog slate mine in Northern Wales. It is named ‘Bounce Below’ and is about 100 ft underneath the ground in an abandoned mine. The giant trampoline can accommodate about 100 people at a time, who can bounce up to a world record height of 80 ft (24 m).

375 people once jumped on a trampoline together

If hundred people jumping together on a trampoline feels absurd, you’ll be surprised to know the world record is much higher: 375 people. In 2017, 

The Geylang Serai Community Sports Club in Singapore achieved that impressive feat.

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