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5 Essential Safety Tips for Trampoline Use

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) states that about 11,500 hospital admissions happen every year in the UK due to trampoline accidents. Most of them happen to kids younger than six years. However, don’t let these statistics dishearten you. With suitable safety precautions, trampolines are among the healthiest and most enjoyable activities for children and adults. 

Here are five essential safety guidelines that you must follow while using trampolines.

Keep the surrounding area clear

Trampolines can topple over quickly if the weight unexpectedly shifts to one side during an uneven landing. If the area around the trampoline isn't clear, the person may hit something and get hurt. You should keep at least an 8-feet radius clear around the trampoline.

Be mindful of the trampoline’s surface

Not just the surrounding area, keep the trampoline surface clear, too. Don’t allow kids or pets to move under the trampoline when someone is jumping on it.

Allow one person at a time

This rule may feel like a complete downer for kids, but it is for everyone’s safety. Allow only one person to jump on the trampoline at a time. Two or more people can lead to collisions and falls, resulting in broken bones, muscle injuries, and concussions.

Do not let kids play unsupervised

Kids often ignore safety rules during play, which can be dangerous. It is a good idea to always have an adult present at the site while your kids are enjoying themselves on the trampoline.

Learn the basics

If you or your kids are using a trampoline for the first time, you must learn the basic rules of jumping to help you stay in control and avoid accidents. Do not attempt risky moves like flips and somersaults without the right experience and physical ability.   

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