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What are the different types of trampolines?

Trampolines are multipurpose outdoor recreational springboards that are a favorite among children and adults alike. 

But with so many options available in the market, choosing the right one for your home can be difficult. Apart from their shape and size, several other factors distinguish trampolines from one another. 

Here is a low-down on the different types of trampolines based on the following attributes:


  • Round trampolines: These are the most common type and are available in different sizes with varying costs. They are most suitable to one person jumping at a time.
  • Rectangular trampolines: These trampolines are bouncier than round ones, mainly used by trampoline enthusiasts, professional gymnasts and athletes.
  • Square trampolines: They are a hybrid between the round and rectangular types, making them a good option for beginners and kids. Square trampolines offer less bounce than rectangular trampolines but more than round ones. They provide the greatest surface area allowing children to reimagine the trampoline space for other uses.
  • Oval trampolines: They are similar to round ones except that they are elliptical and give the best bounce. They allow two people to jump independently due to the two sweet spots at either end.
  • Hexagonal and octagonal trampolines: They are popular due to their unique shape and the additional surface area but tend to be more expensive than other trampolines. Unfortunately we don’t stock any hexagonal or octagonal trampolines as of yet.


  • Trampolines with springs: These are traditional trampolines that use metal springs in the frame to provide the bounce. 
  • Leaf Springs: These are an innovative new design that provide a greater bounce and are easy to assemble. Check out our Vuly range of trampolines.
  • Springless trampolines: They are relatively new and use flexible rods in the frame instead of springs. Unfortunately we do not sell any springless trampolines.
  • Bungee cord trampolines: They are also springless but use flexible cords instead of rods. They are cheaper than springless ones, and therefore, more popular. Unfortunately we do not sell any bungee cord trampolines.


  • With net: These trampolines come with a safety net around them. Usually, these nets are UV-protected and tightly wound to the frame. All our trampolines come with nets as standard. 
  • Without a net: They are similar to the netted ones but without the added safety. We do not advise using trampolines without a safety net.

Place of Installation

  • In-ground trampolines: They are affixed to the ground and anchored on all sides to a specially-dug trench as per their size. Some drainage may be required.
  • Above-ground trampolines: These trampolines are installed on top of the ground, where no digging is involved unless the ground first needs levelling.
  • Water trampolines: These trampolines can stay afloat on water, using springs to create bounce. They look similar to water bouncers but offer higher bounce. Unfortunately we do not sell any water trampolines.

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