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4 Creative Ways to Make Trampolines More Fun for Kids

Summer is all about outdoor games and fun for kids. Adding a trampoline to your garden can elevate their fun level significantly. Many parents shy away from the idea as they feel trampolines are unsafe, and kids get bored quickly after a few minutes of jumping around on the trampoline.

Here are four innovative and fun ideas to use a trampoline this summer:

Convert it into make-believe places

Kids have such vivid imaginations that you can make them believe anything with a bit of persuasion. Therefore, you can easily convert your trampoline into a make-believe zoo, a treehouse, or a fortress with some props like stuffed animals, toy soldiers, and other stuff you have available at home that goes with the set-up.

Create a reading nook

If your little one is a fan of bedtime stories, mangas, and comics, they would love a little reading nook or themselves where they can read at leisure. Just a few stuffy pillows and blankets to make them cozy in their nook will make them love their reading nook even more.

Turn it into a canvas for your kids

If your kid is on the artistic side and loves to draw, a trampoline can be their best canvas as its surface is smooth and colored chalks shine on it. Hence, they can spend hours drawing and writing on it, and as they jump on it, the chalk dust springs up as well to create magical moments for them.

Use it to set up an open theater for movie nights 

If your kids like to watch films, a movie night under the starry sky is just what they need. Turn your trampoline into an open theater by adding blankets and pillows to it. Set up a tablet or laptop, handout the popcorn buckets, and join your kids for a fun movie night with them. You can also add fairy lights on the trampoline for whimsical appeal.

Bonus: Build a makeshift garden gym

Trampolines are fun for kids, but adults can enjoy them as well. And if you miss out on your gym workouts, jumping on your trampoline for 10-15 minutes can do the trick. You can also turn these minutes into fun games by adding a soft volleyball to the trampoline and ask your kids to play along.

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